Preserving maritime security in the littoral environment requires situational awareness and self-defense at all times. The TRS-3D multi-mode radar answers the need. With a highly capable sensor and the latest signal processing technologies, Airbus Group’s TRS-3D radar is demonstrating its advanced capabilities for this mission in operation with the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Navy and other services around the world.

With more than 50 radars sold to allied nations around the world, the TRS-3D radar is the market leader in its category, a clear indication of best value from a global perspective.

For the U.S. Navy’s Freedom Class Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) program, Lockheed Martin selected the multi-mode radar system to meet its air and surface search tactical requirements. As is customary when systems become part of the US Navy’s inventory, the TRS-3D received an official designation and is known as the AN/SPS-75 in Navy parlance.

The AN/SPS-75 (TRS-3D) radar system proved itself with its two initial deliveries in the prototype phase of the LCS program, for installation on the USS Freedom and the USS Fort Worth. The AN/SPS-75 was subsequently selected in 2010 for the production phase of the Freedom Class LCS program and deliveries and support for those ships has continued. The USS Freedom completed its maiden deployment in 2010, during which it successfully intercepted drug vessels in the Caribbean and has since completed an extended deployment to the Western Pacific.

For its work in supporting post-delivery trials of the LCS USS Fort Worth, 2013 deployment of the USS Freedom to the Western Pacific, and for its stellar record of 100% on time deliveries with 0 defects, Airbus Group’s North American operating unit was named the LCS Supplier of the Year by Lockheed Martin in 2014. This performance is made possible via a team effort with Airbus Defence and Space, the Airbus Group’s affiliate in Germany.

As of February 2014, Airbus Group has delivered six AN/SPS-75 multi-mode naval surveillance and target acquisition radar systems to Freedom Class littoral combat ships.

In addition to the U.S. Navy’s LCS program, the U.S. Coast Guard also is installing the TRS-3D aboard its fleet of Legend Class National Security Cutters (NSC). The radar’s 3D capabilities help to make this one of the most advanced cutters afloat.

The TRS-3D radar is multi-mode, making it suitable as a stand-alone radar for the special requirements of smaller ships patrolling coastal waters or as the main tactical and self-defense radar on frigates and larger ships.

It uses a phased array antenna for detection and tracking of multiple surface and air targets simultaneously, minimizing sea clutter interference and giving the TRS-3D excellent performance over both land and water.

This highly capable radar system has been integrated with a variety of C4ISR suites and weapons systems due to its use of open standards. When integrated with combat management systems, it enables missions ranging from situation awareness, fire support for self-defense and helicopter control, supporting a wide range of littoral missions. For smaller ships that contribute to big-picture maritime domain awareness, the TRS-3D radar is a best-value solution. 


Littoral Combat Ship Supplier of the Year

Littoral Combat Ship Supplier of the Year

The North American operating unit of Airbus Group was named the 2013 Littoral Combat Ship Supplier of the Year by Lockheed Martin. Read more Littoral Combat Ship Supplier of the Year